Altered book page 10 Freefalling Snake in the Grass

page-10-Altered art bookpage-10-Altered art book

Continuing over from page 9 with the pink pearlised ink, the words: –

Booby trapped

shows a drawing of a foot treading unwaringly on a hidden bomb.  Life is a time bomb really if you think about it; ready to go off at any moment.  Then it’s all over: that’s it really.  Booby traps: a game of Snakes and Ladders.


Talk in a whisper Green Grass’

The snake whispers this (well hisses it), makes me think of the words ‘Why do you whisper green grass?’  This is a VERY ancient song, even more ancient than me!  It is by the Inkspots and called ‘Whispering’ Grass’‘Why do you whisper green grass? why tell the trees what aint so’.  From this you can see the way my mind is working, and the word and image association (whispering grass – snake in the grass)

p10 detail-b

p10 detail-b

The whispering grass is associated with the Inkspots.  Inkspots and inkblots are used in psychology tests called Rorschach tests; the blot suggesting pictorial matter, depending on the frame of mind or temperament of the patient.  They are used by Forensics and for character assessment.



Life is a game of chance, and depending on how you look at it and how you deal with it, or interpret it, you will bear the consequences.  Sometimes it seems that you don’t even have to ‘do’ anything for things to ‘happen’ to you: there is usually something going on behind the scenes though; a chain of events etc.



In the third part of the actual Echostains Project the communication took the form of a visual narrative and auto suggestion.  I did a series of inkblots: spilling various inks onto paper and manipulating the streams of ink, using salt to impede the flow.  Watcher  and ‘Meeting Place’ were made with black and white ink  on canvas.



There is a lot of control versus chance in my work, which stems from my interest in Surrealism and the sub conscious.  I tend to use the sub conscious as a tool for ideas.  ‘House on the Borderland’ is a book by William Hope Hodgson.  The colours (ink) I have used, express the eerie feeling experienced reading the book.  My attempt to express a feeling in colour.



1066 uses abstract markings to express movement.  The colours are an interpretation of colours used in the  Bayeux Tapestry and so suggested the title 1066 (Battle of Hastings)



Pages 9 and 10



With many thanks to  a very interesting site – please check out!

Visit the Bayeux Tapestry, scene by scene

House on the Borderland

Whispering grass

listen to it

Snakes and ladders history

lots of variations here



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  3. Hello,

    I’m sorry to read you don’t like the Hairy shoes of Lola Pagola, but in the future it would be nice when you comment on shoes, to credit or link to the source of images you use, in this case the

    By the way we do like your blog, but please credit the resource you use.

    Kind regards, Liza Snook

    • Lisa, I can’t apologise enough. This post was written ages ago (before I realised about credits and links) I will make amends though 🙂 and re edit. Thanks for reading my blog – it is appreciated 🙂

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