Altered Book Project: page 3

p3  altered art book

p3 altered art book


A line on page 3 says ‘Jesus Georgia’. I used a basic word association of Jesus and Jesu which led to Geosus then Georgia; they then sort of amalgamated and became Georgus and Jeorsus! Since Georgia is a place I added a map. You can kind of see that I had Georgia on my mind!



page 3 altered book

page 3 altered book


The madonna in the right hand corner was a photograph I took of a statue. I had recently read a book about the American artist Georgia O Keefe and was struck at one of the likenesses to the Virgin Mary. This defintely influenced me.




page 3 with map

page 3 with map

These pages were done a long time ago (the book kept disappearing). It is good to be able to view it objectively after all this time: comparing notes I made at the time .



An Alternative page3

The text would have led to Georgia (the place). The Jesus and Madonna figure would have still been there (Jesus Georgia). But would the connection with O Keefe have still been reached if I hadn’t been reading the O Keefe book and hadn’t seen a Madonna like photo of her? Perhaps not, so this was a case of the subconscious at work.Perhaps I should have connected her own art style into this page. It did cross my mind. But Georgia and the New Mexico desert are worlds apart really. But, yes, a lesson learned there: in order to incorporate an artist I need a stronger aesthetic link than just a name association. So I have already established one rule at least. As I said, this is an ongoing learning process.

Media used; Inks, feather, photocopies, card, felt tips, fibres,sequins.

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